Have you never played a paintball tournament but have watched it on You Tube or your friends play and you want to as well?

In the Houston Paintball League we invite and encourage the new players to get started with us!

Our league is designed to help get players of all ages started into the tournament paintball world.

ATTENTION PARENTS– PLEASE contact Tom of the Houston Paintball League if you have any questions or concerns!

Our owners and staff are all veteran players with our head refs having over 20 years of combined local to national level experience! If you have questions or need a little help to get going, the Houston Paintball League can help you!




1st- Go to your local paintball field and start playing a little “Speed ball” to get used to this style of play! Compared to woods ball or recreational play, “Speed ball” is a little faster paced and some say more intense and fun!

2nd– Start a paintball team or join one! – This is typically done by having a group of friends or buddies you play paintball with on a regular basis. This is important so you know the team gets a long and enjoys playing paintball together!

3rd– Watch a local tournament! The Houston Paintball League is free to watch. If you are interested in getting started but want to start off slow, show up to one of our paintball tournaments and see how things are ran! Speak to any of the staff members there and they will be more than willing to help explain how the day goes about!

4th– Ready to try it yourself? Come up with a team name! Be sure to keep it appropriate because you will be called to each game by your team name!

5th–  Choose which division your team is going to play at by reading the recommendations under each division. Register and pay for your team HERE!

6th– Let your team mates know what time to be at the paintball field and where the tournament is being held!

7th– Be sure to pack everything you need to play paintball! Check out our TOURNAMENT CHECK LIST for help!

8th– Check in the morning of the tournament at the registration booth to get your game schedule, get geared up and make sure your gear works!

9th– Have your team captain go to the captains meeting the morning of the tournament to get any last minute important information!

10th– Enjoy a great day of tournament paintball for you and your team!


If at any time you have questions, PLEASE contact Tom of the Houston Paintball League! EMAIL TOM HERE

He will reply to your emails and try to be as helpful as possible in answering any questions you may have!

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