Check List

Gear Bag (that will hold all your personal equipment)
Paintball marker
Goggle System
Extra goggle lens
Jersey and pants
Pack / Harness
Pods/ Tubes
Loader /hopper
Barrel or Barrel kit
Shoes (something with good traction)
Knee and Elbow Pads
Slider shorts, chest protector, neck guard (not required)
Playing gloves ( if you want them)
Head Wrap / Beanie (not required)
Basic o-ring / parts kit
Extra batteries (for loader, marker, & anything else)
B.B.D Barrel Blocker (min of 2 per marker)
Game timer /stop watch
Allen Wrench / Tool Set
Marker Lube / Oil
Teflon tape
Black Tape
Paper towels / Towel
Goggle Cloth
Spray bottle or Goggle Cleaner
Clothing to change into at the end of the day
Anything else you may need?

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